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BILL GATE and Berkshire Hathaway INC Foundation.
Home of opportunities made by God.

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Our Mission Statement

As a witness to the love of God through Jesus Christ, BILL GATE and Berkshire Hathaway INC Foundation seeks to improve the spiritual and temporal conditions of the people and communities we serve by providing excellent service to all who come, whether they be rich or poor, high or low social status.Given out help to up coming entrepreneurs and building of charity home over the world


BILL GATE and Berkshire Hathaway INC Foundation mission is to LIFT COMMUNITIES by providing a sustainable livelihood and job opportunities for people with barriers to employment. We’re helping to provide a pathway out of poverty, and we created 1eleven™ by HHP, our social enterprise brand, as another way for us to accomplish this goal.

BILL GATE and Berkshire Hathaway INC Foundation teams with Cara to hire adults from underserved communities in Chicago AND Globe. At the 1eleven™ by HHP facility, currently located 3-1/2 miles from our headquarters, HHP provides job training, development opportunities, caring mentorship and continued support for our associates. HHP offers more than a job, we offer a pathway out of poverty and an opportunity to build a career.


to improve the sanitary collection and transport of fecal sludge in Sierra Leone through a strengthened regulatory environment and public infrastructure, and increasing public awareness and utilization of fecal sludge management services. To eradicate poverty from the planet earth. BILL GATE and Berkshire Hathaway INC Foundation want to make that we build charity home and orphanage all over the world. BILL GATE and Berkshire Hathaway INC Foundation want to make sure they support new entrepreneurs financialy and to train specail skills in different field of works/profession