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Our Brief History

The Mission was founded in 1965 by WARREN EDWARD BUFFETT.under the platform of BERKSHIRE AND HATHAWAY INC

Berkshire Hathaway is a name that, despite its vast wealth and immeasurable influence, most average people don’t actually know. However, this multi-billion dollar conglomerate owns more than 50 businesses including household names like Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, Duracell, and GEICO.

But there’s more to it than just that. In fact, Berkshire Hathaway has a surprisingly interesting history full of odd decisions, some mistakes, a few lucky draws, and more than a little bit of the common sense of its celebrity billionaire chairman Warren Buffett. And, it all started with two textile companies on the East Coast.

Hathaway Manufacturing and Berkshire Drummer Mills

The oldest of the two companies that would become Berkshire Hathaway was Hathaway Manufacturing Company, a cotton mill established in 1888 by Horatio Hathaway with money he earned as a whaler. The company was headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, and was quite successful until World War I, when the cotton industry began to decline.


The other company to make up this historic corporation was Berkshire Fine Spinning Associates, which was formed when four textile companies merged together under common ownership in 1929. Berkshire Fine Spinning Associates was owned by Seabury Stanton, a businessman who invested much of his own money in the corporation. It paid off though, and during its height Berkshire Fine Spinning Associates were responsible for about a quarter of the fine cotton textile production in the United States.

While Berkshire Fine Spinning Associates did slightly better than Hathaway Manufacturing during World War I, profits were very hit-and-miss and the industry bounced all over the place after the Great Depression. World War II brought some positive upswing as the company worked on uniforms for the military, but after the war it became clear that the industry was not stable. Read More

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Hello Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, I'm glad to see you!

Rezvan Bashaev

Mr. Warren Buffett and Mr. Bill Gates are the most intelligent, ethical, and creative people with a BIG HEART. They give us an example to follow them for a better world

Кирил Курдов

Beautiful how they put their heart on the line to help others in financial distress and need. Like a prayer from God being answered by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Thank you both for considering helping me and the world. May God be with you always you have a seat in Heaven plus your on Angels Wings. God is within you and all around you. Live long and strong. All things are possible in God and Jesus.Amen

Joycelyn Turner